Does the United States really need a Digital Dollar?
Posted by Admin 5/22/2020 Cryptocurrency

A proposal under consideration in the US Senate would create a new dollar-backed digital currency. Theoretically, it could represent the couplet of a public policy - as well as keeping the country competitive as the nature of money develops and the creation of a financial platform that is at times ...

What is Blockchain Technology?
Posted by Admin 4/14/2020 Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is a mechanism in which transaction records are mutually verified, agreed, shared, and managed at distributed locations on a computer network. Developed as an underlying technology for bitcoin, blockchain technology is expected to transform the structures of traditional system...

What is Bitex World?
Posted by Admin 4/10/2020 Cryptocurrency

As blockchain technology seeps further into almost every industry in the world, from government to supply chain to energy and entertainment. There's more to come from the same. Bitex World is emerging fast as future of investment that strengthen to the blockchain technology. Bitex World is an open...

To get a Green Deal, the EU should play ball with Tech
Posted by Admin 3/1/2020 Cryptocurrency

European policymakers are increasing scrutiny of the tech sector's carbon footprint. French policymakers have embarked on a fact-finding mission to assess the environmental impact of the digital sector in France, and Finland's recently elected Prime Minister Sana Marin has launched a study to asses...